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    The most effective way to bring value to a client
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Western IT Service. I feel privileged to wake up every morning and go to work with some of the most passionate, intelligent and hardworking people, I’ve ever come across”
Md. Ariful Hossain, Founder
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Last 5 Years Western IT Service always try to Completed simple and Complex Solution for their Customers. Nothing is Impossible we believe.Its our Success weapon

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Marketing consultancy

Several challenging most questions have to be faced by today’s marketers. How do I grow my business? What is the message I want my consumers to receive? Where and how should I talk to my consumers? How do I get consumers to buy more of my product or service? Our aim of marketing consultancy is to offer you simple and easy solutions to these questions. Area to be covered are Brand Marketing, Distribution Channel and Trade Marketing. These services include as follows:

Management Consultancy

Our Management Consultancy is for setting up any kind of new businesses or assisting any existing business enterprises for their extensions or developments. The paramount objective of our HR services is to deliver a complete HR solution which is required from start-up of a firm to implement. Services included are basically HR policies, procedures, forms and formats, manuals, SOPs, KPIs, corporate governance, recruitment, appraisal etc

Project Development and Application

Consumers are the source of real growth in business, that’s why we create concepts looking at the consumer. In this service area, we create organic business concepts for the investors. Moreover, to give it a successful figure we conduct planning: business planning, legal aspects, financial aspects; project implementation: engineering, commerce, production; marketing: planning, trade, resourcing, distribution and sales to end user.

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Fabrics Pattern

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Concrete Floor

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Dark Furnitures

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