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Web Development
Go from no-code to an in-demand junior web developer, at a fraction of the cost of a bootcamp. Start with the front-end by learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then, master the back-end and APIs to round out your full-stack skills.Read More
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What is a Hybrid app?
A hybrid app is a program that is built using HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript and wrapped in native container. The native container loads maximum information on the page as soon as the user navigates the application. There are plenty of native web frameworks available, which can help you build a hybrid app.Read More
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Website Design
Introduction to web Technologies
About photo shop
Bootstrap, Bootstrap4
PSD Template Design
Responsive design
Web Hosting
SEO Concepts
Live project work
Duration: 3 Month 36 ClassesRead More
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Web Design and Development
The basic concept of web design HTML 5 Form Design. Introduction to CSS – CSS3 (Cascading style sheet). Syntax of CSS. How to use CSS on websites (Inline/ Internal/ External). How to link External CSS? Div Introduction. Margin and Padding Property Discussion. CSS Based Website Layout Design. Flexbox. Creating Menu & Dropdown Menu. Overview of Responsive Web Design (RWD). Live Project. HTML CSS Live Project. Responsive CSS Framework. Fully Customize Bootstrap Navba...Read More